Investments for Impact

A Villgro Africa Podcast

The Latest Podcasts About The African Startup Ecosystem

The Villgro Africa podcast brings together experts in the Africa innovation space for in-depth discussions on impact investing, supporting innovative social enterprises and our work within the African innovation ecosystem. We feature innovators, entrepreneurs and industry experts to guide you on the journey of social entrepreneurship.

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Gender Lens Investing

Revolutionising Healthcare in Africa

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Investing in Women-Led Businesses: The Investor Perspective

We welcome Dr. Beatrice Murage, a medical doctor, innovator and health equity leader, as well as a Villgro Africa board member, to discuss the investor perspective of women-led innovations.
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Increasing the Pipeline of Female Innovators

Sylvia Mukasa and Francisach Nzanga discuss the many obstacles facing young girls who are interested in subjects within science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and the ways we can work toward overcoming these challenges.
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Supporting Female Founders

For our third episode of Investments for Impact, Franciscah Nzanga hosts Ndeye Thiaw and Caroline Muchiri, two leaders in the African innovation space to discuss the things female founders need to succeed and how others can support them.
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Female Founders: What It's Like to Lead a Startup as a Woman

On this episode of Investments for Impact, we host two female founders of health startups, hearing about their journey and the ups and downs of entrepreneurship as a woman.
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Villgro Africa’s Journey Toward Gender Balance

Over the past few years, Villgro Africa has made a conscious choice to prioritize creating gender balance within the team. Learn more about this journey and why it is important for the innovation space.
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Navigating the Africa startup ecosystem

Navigating Regulatory Processes for Medical Device Innovations

Hosted by Wilfred Njagi & Dr. Arun Venkatesan, the podcast welcomes guests Wambui Gachiengo & Dr. Robert Karanja discussing building the local invention ecosystem.
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6 Steps to move a medical device innovation from prototype to market

Wambui Gachiengo, an innovation leader in the medical device industry shares her insights with Wilfred Njagi on the process of taking a device from idea to market.
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The middle Road chats with Dr Robert Karanja

Dr Robert chats about his experience in starting Villgro Africa, his game changing and defining experience in a one-month training program on innovation in Sweden.
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Navigating The FDA/CE Mark Process

Sona Shah gives us insights into how Neopenda navigated the regulatory process for their medical devices in the USA and East Africa.
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Fundraising: Demystifying the Local vs Expat Funding Gap (Part I)

This is the first episode of a three-part series on fundraising with a specific focus on demystifying this gap.
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Mentoring Medical Device Innovations

Discussing the need for more mentors to help guide these innovators to not only develop impactful innovations but also thrive as enterprises.
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