Female Founders: What It's Like to Lead a Startup as a Woman

On this episode of Investments for Impact, Franciscah Nzanga hosts Sylvia Nyaga and Judith Oketch, who are both founders of health startups. Sylvia is the founder and CEO of Syna Consultancy, which provides access to clean water, basic toilets, and good hygienic practices, especially for those with disabilities, which is shown to lead to better health and socio-economic development. Judith Oketch is the founder and CEO of Ambulex Solutions, which is increasing the accessibility and effectiveness of emergency health services.

In this episode, the panelists and host discuss the ups and downs of being a female entrepreneur. If you or anyone you know has experienced  exploitation similiar to what is described in this conversation, we encourage you to reach out to people you trust for support and encouragement. We all need to work together to eliminate such practices!

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