Frequently asked questions about healthcare innovation in Africa

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What sectors does Villgro Africa work in?
We support startups in the healthcare and life sciences, which cuts across biotech, medtech, service delivery, health systems strengthening, nutrition, sanitation, etc.
At what stage of development does a company need to be in to qualify for incubation?
We support companies from ideation, growth to mature stage. Our incubation plan is custom designed for each enterprise based on their needs at their current stage. We work with entrepreneurs to help them become ready for investment. We expect the investable enterprises to scale up their social impact as they grow after incubation.
What services does Villgro Africa offer?
  1. Incubation – We combine hands-on technical support and industry-expert mentorship to ensure our incubation companies are investor and market ready.
  2. Advisory – Led by a multidisciplinary team, we use our extensive knowledge of the African healthcare innovation and incubation space to help external companies that need support in market entry, commercialisation and growth and/or developing public partnerships.
  3. Investment Pipeline – For those wanting to invest in the African health sector, Villgro provides a pipeline of exciting, innovative companies that have good product-market fit, a strong business plan and the potential to scale their solution. Investors can be confident that innovators supported by Villgro Africa have received the necessary support to be investment ready.
Who is Jaza Rift ventures and how are they related to Villgro Africa?

Jaza Rift Ventures is a venture capital fund that invests in the innovative and invention-based pre-seed, seed and Series A stage healthcare startups in Africa. Jaza Rift is part of the Villgro ecosystem and partners with Villgro Africa in order to access our strong pipeline, deep technical healthcare expertise and networks to increase the chance of success for the high-performing entrepreneurs they invest in.

What is your typical investment size?
Depending on the stage of the company, Villgro Africa invests up to $50,000 in pre-seed or seed investment.
What type of capital does Villgro Africa deploy?
Villgro Africa provides either grant or equity capital (or both) depending on the nature of the funding call.
What do I need to do to qualify for funding and/or incubation?

Innovators interested in our business incubator program should have:

  • Multidisciplinary, collaborative team with one technical co-founder
  • Problem-solution fit
  • Product-market fit
  • Minimum viable product built
  • Validated market demand
  • Clear revenue model
  • At least one full-time founder who can be dedicated to the program

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