Business Incubation for African Healthcare Innovators

Having A Good Idea Is Not Enough

As an emerging business, you face a broad range of challenges in your efforts to grow, scale and make impact.
Validating a solid business model
Determining a go-to-market plan
Building brand awareness and attracting customers
Preparing for seed or next round funding

Hands On. Customized. Technical.

We combine hands-on technical support and industry-expert mentors to ensure the innovators in our portfolio are investor and market ready. Every innovator in our incubation program is supported by a portfolio manager, a customised growth plan and dedicated mentors to walk with you as you build your business.
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We Accept Ongoing Applications To Our Incubation Program

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Your Incubation Journey 

Once part of the Villgro Africa incubation portfolio, innovators go through an intensive business incubation Africa program that caters to each company’s specific needs. With the support of our portfolio managers and mentors, you will develop, test and refine your business models until you are ready to be connected with our community of investors.

Our brief application asks for an overview of your innovation, your team and your impact.
Due Diligence
Our team will conduct research and follow up for further information as needed.
We ask you questions based on our diligence and provide you with recommendations.
You give an updated presentation after incorporating our feedback.
If you are selected, we enter into an agreement and you join the incubation program!

What We Look For

We are looking for emerging inventors or innovators who have a product or service that can impact the poor and vulnerable in society. Applicants’ ideas must have the potential to scale and change the lives of Africa’s rural and urban resource-poor communities. Interested applicants must also have:
Multi-disciplinary team with one technical co-founder
Problem-solution fit
Product-market fit
Minimum viable product built
Validated market demand
Clear revenue model

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