Villgro Kenya @5 Impact Report

“Since 2015, Villgro Kenya has been replicating the Villgro Model and applying 20 years of learnings from Villgro India to a local context. A journey that started with an assignment to conduct rapid assessment on 50 grantees from the Grand Challenges Canada pipeline in 2014/15 led us looking at 500 additional health care innovations to date.

The pipeline was a challenge in the formative years when we had limited funding and little brand visibility. This has changed over the years thanks to the patience of our team, partners, and funders. Just like any start-up, we started out with challenges ranging from a small team to a weak pipeline to limited funding. I remember the first investment we did in the first incubatee company, Insurance for All, was from directors’ own savings which was a meagre USD 3,000....

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