Sharon Anyango: Providing Financial Access to the Uninsured in Uganda

For most people living in low-income areas insurance is seen as a service that is a preserve of the rich. clinicPesa, however, changing the narrative through their product which is convenient and affordable compared to traditional health insurance.

Their digital micro-savings and loan platform helps users set aside dedicated healthcare funds used to offset medical bills and purchase drugs in times of need at any registered clinic, hospital or pharmacy.

Sharon Anyango, Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of clinicPesa shares with us her passion to make a difference in the lives of the uninsured in Uganda. The 28-year-old mother of one is a Quantity Surveyor by profession with 7 years’ experience in governance, strategy, operations, and budgeting.

What inspired you to Co-found clinicPesa
Growing up it has always been a challenge when it comes to paying for healthcare, sometimes skipping medication due to unprepared for medical bills. clinicPesa was an opportunity for me to not only make a difference in the lives of many uninsured citizens, mothers and children but also give back to the community through my experience and knowledge. This gives me an in-depth satisfaction.

What role do you play working with clinicPesa to ensuring those in low-income areas have access to healthcare without having to break the bank
It’s a very dynamic and fulfilling role. As the Chief Operations Officer, I always say I am everywhere, right from management to Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Customer value delivery and acquisition to Human Resource and so times am tempted to understand a few Technical flows in order to push the technical team on missing gaps. It is my role to implement the growth strategy of the company created by the board.

What is that one moment that shaped your journey as the co-founder and COO of clinicPesa
I attended an acceleration programme and while going through that first phase of product analysis. It opened my eyes to the true potential of clinicPesa and at that point, I made a vow to myself that clinicPesa had to succeed no matter the challenges ahead and I have never looked back.

You recently received the Female Founders FinTech Award which was organized by QuesnayInc. Tell us more about that.
Quesnay Inc was founded to help young companies find ways to work with market leaders in disrupted industries. We each had very knowledgeable mentors from Valley Bank, Wells Fargo, Discover Financial Services, Shearman and Sterling. We were honoured to have the event at Nasdaq Marketsite in NewYork city. I was amazed by the great innovations female Founders are doing out there to make the world a better place, and I believe with such opportunities many female founders will be empowered to build sustainable empires. We were 5 female founders from HomeZada, TomoCredit, Stratify, Agriledger, and clinicPesa. clinicPesa emerged third runner up for the Female Founders in Tech 2019.

Why is it increasingly important to recognize and highlight the achievements of outstanding women in various fields?
Female Founders are coming up with amazing world-changing ideas and businesses, highlighting their efforts empowers many others to start and also exposes them to potential investors, partners, mentors, and organizations that could support their initiatives. I must say, it's important to change the access to investment funds to Female founders.

What is one piece of advice you would give to any woman looking to start a social enterprise?

I would tell them to combine their passion with discipline and hard work, there is no room for giving up.