The Next Investment Frontier: An Overview of Africa's Fundraising Landscape

The Next Investment Frontier

We are excited to invite you back for our third season of Investments for Impact, in which we will focus on the topic of fundraising, including the overall fundraising landscape in Africa, as well as a deep dive into each stage that a young company raising capital goes through (from family and friends all the way to venture capital).

In this first episode, we are setting the scene for you. Our host, Moses Waweru, was joined by Villgro Africa CEO, Wilfred Njagi, and Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Jaza Rift Ventures, Sewu-Steve Tawia. They discuss what things look like right now for startups and emerging businesses attempting to raise the capital they need for growth and eventually and scaling. We ask what the role of incubators like Villgro Africa and investors like Jaza Rift Ventures are and explore how these two types of organisations can collaborate. We also learn more about some of the challenges faced by African entrepreneurs and how these can be addressed.

We hope you’ll enjoy our discussion! Karibu!

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