Moving Forward as Villgro Africa

As we announced at our launch on October 29th 2020, Villgro Kenya will now serve the entire continent as Villgro Africa. We are excited about the future, but are also taking the time to reflect on our past, celebrating our victories and milestones and examining what makes us unique as an organisation.

Villgro is an early stage business incubator and impact investor that seeks to support start-ups with a global health impact in Africa. Working at the intersection of science and industry, Villgro Africa is pioneering social entrepreneurship and impact investment in healthcare and life sciences. The challenge is not in the lack of technology or know-how to solve these problems, but the lack of a convincing business case to warrant the effort. We work with entrepreneurs to develop and deliver innovative solutions through a market-driven approach that targets Africa's mass market.

We believe that Africa’s development problems will be sustainably resolved through for-profit, innovative products and business models that are demand-driven and scalable. Such enterprises deliver social impact by creating jobs for Africa’s rural and urban poor or by meeting their needs as the target market.

We pride ourselves in being a pioneer health business incubator in East Africa. We now look forward to expanding this to the entire continent. Our incubation plan is custom designed for each enterprise based on their needs at their current stage. We work with entrepreneurs to help them become ready for investment. We expect the investable enterprises to scale up their social impact as they grow after incubation.

Our strength is in healthcare and life sciences. This cuts across many sectors such as primary healthcare, mother and child health (MCH), non-communicable diseases (NCD), nutrition in agriculture, water and sanitation in environmental management, or safety and ergonomics in design of tools and products across various industries. We provide high-touch mentorship by connecting incubatees with mentors who bring with them years of experience in the industry and entrepreneurship