Mentors Needed for Health Innovators and Social Entrepreneurs

Villgro Kenya, a health investor and business incubator for innovative, early-stage health enterprises, is looking for healthcare entrepreneurs, professionals, and experts, both active and retired, with considerable healthcare-business experience to guide, advise and support health innovations and startups currently under Villgro Kenya’s Incubation Program.

Mentoring has become an essential factor in entrepreneurial success, helping entrepreneurs overcome setbacks they commonly face in the early stages of their ventures. With the growth of a vibrant innovation ecosystem in Africa, opportunities abound for aspiring and existing mentors to support budding entrepreneurs to accelerate their progress.

Mentors joining the Villgro Kenya family will have the opportunity to work alongside dynamic innovators working in the following sectors:

  • Medical Diagnostic Devices
  • Health Insurance Technology
  • Health Service Delivery

As a mentor you will:

  • Serve as a challenging thinking partner.
  • Advise on goal setting and planning.
  • Share industry information and knowledge.
  • Provide a range of strategic and operational support.

In turn, you will:

  • Gain personal and emotional satisfaction of having helped an entrepreneur scale.
  • Enhance your own career and professional network.
  • Learn about potential investment opportunities.
  • Become a talent magnet – more promising founders will find you.

Mentorship is a tangible way to contribute to the creation and success of new companies while taking an active role in supporting an entrepreneur’s effort. To find out how you can become a mentor with Villgro Kenya, contact Rob Beyer at [email protected].