Kijenzi Supplies Prosthetics to Sudan

Kijenzi was contracted by Nayla Tech to produce their innovative prosthetic hands. Nayla’s Nuha hand is “a body-powered, mechanical prosthetic that serves as a light weight, robust, and efficient solution for individuals in underdeveloped communities.”

The Nuha is developed to be 3D print and Nayla was beginning a new round of trials in their home country of Sudan. While Nayla has 3D printing capabilities, they turned to Kijenzi because they needed consistent quality across a large volume of these hands.

Many companies realize that the ability to develop a digitally manufactured product and the ability to produce them commercially or at scale are very different skills. That is where Kijenzi’s enterprise resource planning system and the quality and engineering systems built on that come in to play.

Kijenzi was able to receive their their final design on a Sunday and ship out 180 components by Wednesday - all inspected and packaged for shipping to Sudan. After final assembly by Nayla Tech, the hands were on patients by Monday morning! Moving forward, Kijenzi and Nayla have formed a partnership where Kijenzi will be able to set up local manufacturing hubs to produce Nuha hands when and where Nayla will need them.

John Gersheson - Co-founder Kijenzi