Million Lives Collective

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Applications Due: EXTENDED until 10th November 2023

Million Lives Collective

Villgro Africa is proud to be a partner of the Million Lives Collective and applications are now open! Apply to join an international community of over 100 innovators and social entrepreneurs.

You are eligible to apply to the Million Lives Collective if your innovation:

  • Impacts people living below the poverty line of USD 5.50 in earnings a day.
  • Impacted at least one million people or is expected to impact one million people within 18 months.

1. The Application

The one-stage application process invites organisations, innovators and social entrepreneurs to describe their innovative solution, the number of people reached and the magnitude of social impact. Applicants might be contacted to provide more information or evidence as needed to ensure the best possible chance of becoming a Member.

2. The Million Lives Collective Commitment

The aim of the collective is to inspire and advocate for organisations, innovators and social entrepreneurs that have reached transformative numbers of people. They do this by celebrating innovations, learning from their scaling journeys and facilitating collaborations across the network. Read more about their activities on their blog.

3. FAQs

If you have more questions about the Million Lives Collective, benefits of becoming a member, the application process or would like to get in touch, visit their Frequently Asked Questions page.