Flare seals emergency response deal with Uber

Rescue by Flare and Uber have come together to ensure Uber drivers receive fast, convenient and reliable rescue services in the event of an emergency.

The partnership is part of Uber Rewards which seeks to provide technical support to Uber Drivers. Flare will be their ambulance partner offering emergency rescue services in the event of an emergency.

The web based service as a wide network of ambulances and emergency providers on its platform to provide a swift emergency response at the tap of a button.

Caitlin Dolkart, Flare co-founder mentioned that road accidents contribute significantly to emergencies and Uber is forward thinking to try and get ahead of any potential issues. Passengers will also benefit with peace of mind and in the event of an emergency, the fastest and best emergency response.

On what the country can do better to ensure efficient emergency response Caitlin says there is the need to build a coordinated network of first responders to ensure everyone has access to the fastest care when they need it most.