Flare provides emergency response to taxify boda riders

Flare has entered into a partnership with Taxify Boda and Nairobi Womens Hospital to provide emergency reponse to Taxify Boda Riders through its large network of first responders. Rescue by Flare will also provide driver safety training to all the drivers under Taxify. Flare integrates a group of companies operating ambulances and fire trucks into its platform, which uses a central map to show the availability and whereabouts of the emergency vehicles.

In this venture, Flare Dispatch will be the main platform for emergency evacuation while basic medical treatment will be taken care of at The Nairobi Womens Hospital. Flare is an app that aggregates privately owned ambulance companies into an interface for patients and hospitals. It is a digitalized 911 system built for the African context. Ambulance companies use the browser dashboard to manage their fleet and an Android app in their vehicles to respond to patient and hospital requests. Healthcare professionals and patients use the app or hotline to coordinate patient transfers and rescues.

Flare was recently awarded $1,500 by African Development Bank at the Nairobi Innovation Week for their rescue services which will help even those at the bottom of the social pyramid gain access to emergency healthcare when they need it.

The base fare for TaxifyBoda will be Ksh.30 where each kilometer will be charged at Ksh.15. The minimum fare will be Ksh.50 while each minute will be charged at Ksh.3. From Westlands to the Nairobi town centre, Taxify Boda will cost as little as Ksh.100.