East African Innovations Aid the Fight Against COVID-19

Digital innovations have shown their ability to provide quality, effective, and affordable health outcomes in the wake of the novel coronavirus. The power of the Fourth Industrial Revolution has been manifested in 3D printing technology for personal protective equipment (PPE), affordable ventilators built across the world from open-source platforms, and telemedicine, just to name a few.

In countries where innovation systems continue to remain fragile, there is a growing need to protect science, technology, and innovative products during and after COVID-19, as they have long-term implications for development strategies.

As a key ecosystem player, this is what Villgro Kenya and our incubatees are doing to contribute towards fighting the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • We have awarded $150K in grants to 12 innovative companies working to provide solutions to end the novel coronavirus in East Africa.
  • Our portfolio companies continue to receive technical assistance from portfolio managers through virtual meeting platforms.
  • We continue to engage stakeholders in academia, policy, and the medical innovations sector to ensure we come up with a holistic ecosystem solution.
  • We have encouraged members of our staff to continue working from home and avoid unnecessary travel to reduce their chances of contracting the coronavirus.

Our portfolio companies have not been left out in the fight against COVID-19:

  • Kijenzi - Producing PPE using 3D printing technology in Kisumu.
  • Enzi Healthcare - Delivering healthcare services to homes to reduce the need for people to visit hospitals.
  • Turaco - Rolled out a COVID-19 insurance package.
  • Health-E-Net - Digitizing and data analysis of COVID-19 tests.

Now more than ever, innovative startups need support to scale their products to ensure more people get access to quality healthcare. As Villgro Kenya, we continue to pledge our commitment to addressing the lack of access to quality and affordable health services and technologies in Africa.