Capsule Ltd. (FLARE) recieves $1,500 from African Development Bank

Kenyan Startup Capsule Ltd (FLARE) received $1,500 Integration award from African Development Bank at the Nairobi Innovation Week for their online emergency response platform.

Flare integrates a group of companies operating ambulances and fire trucks into its platform, which uses a central map to show the availability and whereabouts of the emergency vehicles.This way hospitals don’t need to call the various companies until they find a driver an available ambulance or fire-truck.

Founders Caitlin Dolkart and Maria Rabinovich believe they can change the expectation on how fast and simple emergency help can be in Nairobi through their app. Their target market is Kenya's middle class but they hope their service will eventually be able to lower the cost of ambulances and make them accessible to those at the bottom of the social pyramid.

6 out of the 15 most promising start-ups who won in the Nairobi Innovation Week were from the Health track. ConnectMed and medbit were feted in the growth category, Dial a Pad was awarded for the best in the Launch category. The best start up in the idea stage went to Ours Africa, Majik Water was also feted among the top idea start ups. This signifies an advanement in the perceptions of key stakeholders in health innovations.