Seasons Greetings and Christmas Wishes

It is with great joy that I send this seasonal greeting...a sigh of relief that 2020 is coming to an end, a year that saw lives being turned upside down and livelihoods being thwarted as many were robbed of loved ones and their daily bread by COVID-19. Almost everybody universally everywhere knows at least one person who lost a close family member or a friend. Our hearts go to these families during this Christmas. As we light up a candle at the dinner table or switch on the Christmas tree this festive season, perhaps we can take a moment to say a prayer and send along with our compassionate love to these families.

As the curtain draws on the year 2020 we can only hope for a better 2021. This is the year that will usher in a new decade (2021/2030). A decade that marks the home stretch towards the attainment of the SDGs in 2030. We all are hearing news of a COVID-19 vaccine rollout, which gives us some hope that the much needed “shot in the arm” is about to come our way (almost in the literal sense).

If you are lucky to meet with friends and family this season, I would urge you to take time to ponder, to linger at the dining table, to savor the moment, and enjoy good laughter. If there is one thing that COVID-19 has taught us, it is to never take any moment for granted. For those of us who won’t be able to travel due to COVID-19 restrictions, we can all load up some talk time on our phones and find ways of connecting to those who are dear to us and spread some good Christmas spirit. And, most importantly, remember to take some rest, for we shall need it in the new year. 2021 will be a year to get the momentum back on as we strive to reverse the negative social economic COVID-19 impact and get back on track. A luta continua.On behalf of the Villgro Africa family, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a momentous 2021.

Wilfred Njagi,

Co-founder & CEO Villgro Africa