Digital innovations have shown their ability to provide quality, effective, and affordable health outcomes in the wake of the novel coronavirus. The power of the Fourth Industrial Revolution has been manifested in 3D printing technology for personal protective equipment (PPE), affordable ventilators built across the world from open-source platforms, and telemedicine, just to name a few.

In countries where innovation systems continue to remain fragile, there is a growing need to protect science, technology, and innovative products during and after COVID-19, as they have long-term implications for development strategies.

As a key ecosystem player, this is what Villgro Kenya and our incubatees are doing to contribute towards fighting the COVID-19 pandemic:

Our portfolio companies have not been left out in the fight against COVID-19:

Now more than ever, innovative startups need support to scale their products to ensure more people get access to quality healthcare. As Villgro Kenya, we continue to pledge our commitment to addressing the lack of access to quality and affordable health services and technologies in Africa.

The Coronavirus disease outbreak (COVID-19) which began in China in December 2019, has now spread to over 190 countries, including those in sub-Saharan Africa. Kenya has also recorded a growing number of cases and, like many African countries, is rushing to stem the tide through a public health response including social distancing, travel restrictions and mandatory quarantine for all returning citizens and residents.

As Villgro Kenya we are doing our part to keep safe and in response to the COVID -19 pandemic here are the few measures we are taking

Working from home - Our staff will be working from home for the foreseeable future until then our office remains closed. If you would like to reach us you can do so via email.

Meetings - We will do our best to ensure our meetings with the various stakeholder are not disrupted. In line with the social distancing directive meetings will be held via teleconferencing. We have limited non-essential travels and trips. In the even that video calls are not applicable, meetings will be held in well venilated rooms and spaces.

Application for Incubation - We welcome applications from startups looking for incubation support, our portal is open for applications which will be vetted accordingly.